In the last quarter of 2019, we identified the need to reach out to the members of our community that lacked basic computer skills, access to the internet, and personal computer. Hence we created free basic computer training for members of the community with no background knowledge of how to operate the computer. We offer basic Microsoft Office applications training (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to people in administrative roles that need to brush up their skills for free. This is provided through our in-house resources and the resources of the Google Applied Digital Skills, the Good Things Foundation’s resources (Learn My Way and Make it Click).


Training starts with identifying computer features. Below are some of the topics we treated in module 1
Course content:
  1. Know your computer
  2. What is a computer
  3. Types of computers
  4. Components of a computer
  5. The use of the CPU, the VDU, the mouse, and the keyboard
  6. Computer hardware and software
  7. The operating systems
  8. Computer programs
  9. How to power on a computer
  10. How to create, save, delete and retrieve a document


To get benefit from this free training you need a referral from the organizations below:
  • Changing Lives Doncaster
  • Conversation Club
  • JobCentre Plus
  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Redeemed Christian Churches in Doncaster