Apprenticeship opportunities are ways of acquiring work-related skills while you are still in training. There are many opportunities out there but the challenge is which one is most suitable for you. Apprenticeships also provide the opportunities to test-drive a career instead of investing in a course that will not suit your lifestyle in the future. As a young person, you will have the opportunity to see the career progression and examine the work-life balance nature of the career you intend to pursue, and make a decision if this is for you or not.

Degree apprenticeships offer the opportunity to earn a salary and a degree at the same time plus your tuition fee would be paid by your employer. A lot of academic institutions manage this scheme for employers. One of them is Sheffield Hallam University which we have partnered with.

The University of Sheffield is leading the way in providing a high-quality vocational route through university – with a focus on building skills that are important to employers and will help UK economic growth and productivity.

We were one of the first universities to offer Degree Apprenticeships in manufacturing and engineering at our Advanced Manufacturing and Research Training Centre (AMRC).

Our apprenticeships are offered in collaboration with and shaped by regional and national partners, such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce and McLaren. They provide you with the skills and experience you need to thrive in your chosen career. You will also receive a fully accredited degree from a world top 100 Russell Group University on completion of your apprenticeship.

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