Our Mission

Knowledge Pool is a digital training organisation. We want to transform the digital capability landscape of our community. We want to train at least 200 learners in 2022 and scale this number up every year, diversifying our audience that started from the job seekers group to elderly, people with disability, immigrants, people from poor background, etc.

Computer Training

Our training has supported a diverse range of people in our community, connecting them with their friends and families online especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Majority of our learners had no previous digital knowledge before encountering us. Some had little knowledge but required assistance to achieve digital independence.


Our”Apprenticeship Opportunities and Careers Fair.

Digital leader award winner 2021

Digital Leaders celebrate the 2021 award ceremony in London. After weeks of selection process to choose the best grassroots organization supporting their community in bridging the digital gaps. Knowledge Pool emerged as the winner in this category. The award was presented to us by the legendary Rob Wilmot in honour of his friend and associate, Craig Macdonald.


Our project ‘’Digital Capability Training is aimed at encouraging the digitally handicapped people to embrace the technology and interact with people and organisations online also at solving the problem of isolation in the elderly by enabling people to communicate using digital devices.


Help us bridge the digital gap and empower the vulnerable in the community: Donate digital devices like smartphones, tablets, personal computers and laptops. Sponsor our projects by donating money using the link below.

Learners Testimonials

“I lost my husband of close to sixty years in 2020 and have been lonely for some months. I have been coming to Age UK for sixteen to seventeen weeks now and Yetunde is our teacher. I’ve learned so much, I send messages to people, do apps, do face to face occasionally. Sometimes I do lose my way when doing some of the things. I’m not good at emails, if I’m honest I’m not really interested in emails. I’ve got this tablet for pleasure, and I am finding it useful through the training I am receiving. I found the people from age UK and Yetunde have been very good and I’m enjoying coming actually. I learnt how to use the picture of my late husband as a background on my tablet home screen. I now take him everywhere with me”

Sheila (Doncaster)

“I am a single mum furloughed and home-schooling three children. The school promised to get me some help but while waiting I contacted my local councilorRachael Blake referred me to Yetunde from Knowledge Pool. Yetunde delivered a tablet with internet access to me in no time. I am ever so grateful for this support”

Katy (Rossington)

“In the weeks Yetunde has been working with our group of Silver Surfers at Age UK Doncaster, she has worked miracles. The group had almost no experience working with digital technology to the extent that they needed to be shown how to switch tablets on and use a touch screen. Now they are using the tablets to help them plan simple tasks, take photos and connect with friends and family. Their confidence has grown, they are less isolated and have formed their own peer support group almost without realising it. I’m so glad we found Knowledge Pool and hope the partnership is here to stay.”

Chief Executive, Age UK Doncaster.

“Yetunde visited Dick to fix the internet connection issues on his tablet. Dick is over 70 and lives on his own. His means of connecting with his family and healthcare support during the Covid-19 pandemic was his tablet. Dick was very pleased that she got the tablet sorted out for him. He is interested in joining IT workshops when they are up and running and again and seemed keen to join any online learning group Yetunde is running”

Michelle (Age UK)

“The digital tablet I received from Knowledge Pool is going to help me connect online (Microsoft Teams) with the health care supporting me. I have lost a lot of engagement time prior to getting this help from Knowledge Pool. I hope anybody who is sponsoring you or helping you will be able to do more because there are lots of people like me who need help but couldn’t get it” 

Kumba (Doncaster)

“Initially, I was cautious to attempt to find the applications that are on my computer, but I found the information on the guidebook easy to follow and I am amazed it works on my smartphone as well. I am looking forward to learning more using this guidebook. Thank you for giving me this guidebook, I didn’t realise there were so many possibilities to better use my computer”

Claire (Rotherham)

“I am a mother of six children home-schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. I had no internet or digital devices so Changing Lives Doncaster was supporting me by printing home work for me to help my children. But when it was difficult to help me further I was referred to Yetunde from Knowledge Pool. She gave me a digital tablet and internet access. I am happy.” 

Abir (Doncaster)

“I got my first digital tablet from Knowledge Pool. I couldn’t connect with my friends and family during the Covid-19 pandemic. I had no phone or internet access. The support and training I received from Knowledge Pool helped me a lot”

Daniel (Doncaster).

“Knowledge Pool gave me a digital tablet that helped me and my son connect with the outside world during the Covid=19 pandemic. I am very grateful for this support. 

Bakhta (Doncaster)

“As everyone adjusted to online meetings in 2020, some people found it difficult. That’s why @Poolknowledge with COVID 19 grant from the foundation, created this booklet that helped people get familiar with online meetings at their own pace”.

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